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Alchikh, M. and Conrad, T. O. F. and Obermeier, P. and Ma, Obermeier and Schweiger, B. and Opota, Opota and Rath, B. (2023) Disease burden and inpatient management of children with acute respiratory viral infections during the pre-COVID era in Germany: a cost-of-illness study. Viruses . (Submitted)

Alphonse, Amal and Caetano, Diogo and Djurdjevac, Ana and Elliott, Charles M. (2023) Function spaces, time derivatives and compactness for evolving families of Banach spaces with applications to PDEs. Journal of Differential Equations, 353 . pp. 268-338.

Arts, Marloes and Garcia Sattorras, Victor and Huang, Chin-Wei and Zuegner, Daniel and Federici, Marco and Clementi, Cecilia and Noé, Frank and Pinsler, Robert and van den Berg, Rianne (2023) Two for One: Diffusion Models and Force Fields for Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics. arXiv . (Submitted)


Bardos, Claude and Boutros, Daniel W. and Titi, Edriss (2023) Hoelder regularity of the pressure for weak solutions of the 3D Euler equations in bounded domains. Preprint . pp. 1-35. (Unpublished)

Bardos, Claude and Liu, Xin and Titi, Edriss (2023) Derivation of a generalized quasi-geostrophic approximation for inviscid ows in a channel domain: The fast waves correction. pp. 1-33. (Unpublished)

Barua, Amlan K. and Chew, Ray and Li, Shuwang and Lowengrub, John and Münch, Andreas and Wagner, Barbara (2023) Sharp-interface problem of the Ohta-Kawasaki model for symmetric diblock copolymers. Journal of Computational Physics, 481 .

Bleich, Amnon and Linnemann, Antje and Benjamin, Jaidi and Bjoern, H. Diem and Conrad, T. O. F. (2023) Enhancing ECG Analysis of Implantable Cardiac Monitor Data: An Efficient Pipeline for Multi-Label Classification. Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction, 5 (4). ISSN 2504-4990

Boutros, Daniel W. and Markfelder, Simon and Titi, Edriss (2023) Nonuniqueness of generalised weak solutions to the primitive and Prandtl equations. arXiv . pp. 1-73. (Unpublished)

Bäumer, D. and Hittmeir, S. and Klein, R. (2023) Scaling approaches to quasi-geostrophic theory for moist, precipitating air. J. Atmos. Sci. . pp. 1-18. (Submitted)


Chew, R. and Schlutow, M. and Klein, R. (2023) An unstable mode of the stratified atmosphere under the non-traditional Coriolis acceleration. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 967 .

Conrad, T. O. F. and Ferrer, Eloi and Mietchen, Daniel and Pusch, Larissa and Stegmüller, Johannes and Schubotz, Moritz (2023) Making Mathematical Research Data FAIR: A Technology Overview. Nature Scientific Data . (Submitted)


Durumeric, Alexander E.P. and Charron, Nicholas E. and Templeton, Clark and Musil, Félix and Bonneau, Klara and Pasos-Trejo, Aldo S. and Chen, Yaoyi and Kelkar, Atharva and Noé, Frank and Clementi, Cecilia (2023) Machine learned coarse-grained protein force-fields: Are we there yet? Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 79 .

del Razo, M.J. and Winkelmann, S. and Klein, R. and Höfling, F. (2023) Chemical diffusion master equation: formulations of reaction–diffusion processes on the molecular level. J. Math. Phys., 64 (013304).


Engel, Maximilian and Piliouras, Georgios (2023) A stochastic variant of replicator dynamics in zero-sum games and its invariant measures. arXive . pp. 1-19. (Submitted)


Gelß, P. and Issagali, A. and Kornhuber, R. (2023) Fredholm integral equations for function approximation and the training of neural networks. arXiv . (Submitted)

Gelß, P. and Matera, S. and Klein, R. and Schmidt, B. (2023) Quantum dynamics of coupled excitons and phonons in chain-like systems: tensor train approaches and higher-order propagators. J. Comput. Chem. . (Submitted)

Gertler, Charles G. and O’Gorman, Paul A. and Pfahl, Stephan (2023) Moist available potential energy of the mean state of the atmosphere and the thermodynamic potential for warm conveyor belts and convection. Weather Clim. Dynam., 4 . pp. 361-379.


Hanu, Matei and Latz, J. and Schillings, Claudia (2023) Subsampling in ensemble Kalman inversion. ArXiv . (Submitted)

Harikrishnan, A. P. and Ansorge, C. and Klein, R. and Vercauteren, N. (2023) Geometry and organization of coherent structures in stably stratified atmospheric boundary layers. Journal of Fluid Mechanics . (Submitted)

Hirt, M. and Craig, G.C. and Klein, R. (2023) Scale-interactions between the meso- and synoptic scales and the impact of diabatic heating. QJRMS . (Submitted)



Krämer, Andreas and Durumeric, Alexander E.P. and Charron, Nicholas E. and Chen, Yaoyi and Clementi, Cecilia and Noé, Frank (2023) Statistically Optimal Force Aggregation for Coarse-Graining Molecular Dynamics. arXiv . (Submitted)

Köhler, Jonas and Chen, Yaoyi and Krämer, Andreas and Clementi, Cecilia and Noé, Frank (2023) Flow-Matching: Efficient Coarse-Graining of Molecular Dynamics without Forces. J. Chem. Theory Comput., 19 (3). pp. 942-952.


Mehringer, Svenja and Seiler, Enrico and Droop, Felix and Darvish, Mitra and Rahn, René and Vingron, Martin and Reinert, Knut (2023) Hierarchical Interleaved Bloom Filter: enabling ultrafast, approximate sequence queries. Genome Biology, 24 (131). ISSN 1474-760X

Melnyk, Kateryna and Weimann, K. and Conrad, T. O. F. (2023) Understanding microbiome dynamics via interpretable graph representation learning. Scientific Reports, 13 (2058). ISSN 2045-2322

Müller, Sebastian and Paltra, Sydney and Rehmann, Jakob and Nagel, Kai and Conrad, T. O. F. (2023) Explicit Modelling of Antibody Levels for Infectious Disease Simulations in the Context of SARS-CoV-2. iScience, 26 (9). ISSN 2589-0042


Nickl, Richard and Titi, Edriss (2023) On posterior consistency of data assimilation with Gaussian process priors: the 2D Navier-Stokes equations. ArXive . (Unpublished)


Paltra, Sydney and Conrad, T. O. F. (2023) Effectiveness of Paxlovid - A Review. Viruses . (Submitted)

Pan, Chenxu and Rahn, René and Heller, David and Reinert, Knut (2023) Linear: a framework to enable existing software to resolve structural variants in long reads with flexible and efficient alignment-free statistical models. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 24 (2). ISSN 1467-5463; Online ISSN 1477-4054

Piro, Vitor C and Renard, Bernhard Y (2023) Contamination detection and microbiome exploration with GRIMER. GigaScience, 12 . ISSN 2047-217X

Polzin, Robert and Klebanov, Ilja and Nüsken, Nikolas and Koltai, Péter (2023) Nonnegative matrix factorization for coherent set identification by direct low rank maximum likelihood estimation. Arxive . pp. 1-43. (Unpublished)


Reible, Benedikt M. and Hille, Julian F. and Hartmann, Carsten and Delle Site, Luigi (2023) Finite-size effects and thermodynamic accuracy in many-particle systems. Physical Review Research, 5 (2).

Riedel, J. and Gelß, P. and Klein, R. and Schmidt, B. (2023) A Python package for numerical quantum mechanics of chain-like systems based on tensor trains. J. Comput. Chem. . (Submitted)

Royset, Johannes and Ruthotto, Lars and Schillings, Claudia and Surowiec, Thomas M. (2023) Workshop Report 21w5167 Optimization under Uncertainty: Learning and Decision Making in 2021. In: held virtually hosted by the, Feb 8 - 12, 2023, Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery (BIRS).


Schubotz, Moritz and Ferrer, Eloi and Stegmüller, Johannes and Mietchen, Daniel and Teschke, Olaf and Pusch, Larissa and Conrad, T. O. F. (2023) Bravo MaRDI: A Wikibase Knowledge Graph on Mathematics. In: Proceedings of the 4th Wikidata Workshop 2022 co-located with the 22st International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2023), Athens, Greece, November 2023. (In Press)

Sherratt, Katharine and Srivastava, Ajitesh and Ainslie, Kylie and Singh, David E and Cublier, Aymar and Marinescu, Maria Cristina and Carretero, Jesus and Garcia, Alberto Cascajo and Franco, Nicolas and Willem, Lander and Abrams, Steven and Faes, Christel and Beutels, Philippe and Hens, Niel and Mueller, Sebastian and Charlton, Billy and Ewert, Ricardo and Paltra, Sydney and Rakow, Christian and Rehmann, Jakob and Conrad, T. O. F. and Schuette, Christof and Nagel, Kai and Grah, Rok and Niehus, Rene and Prasse, Bastian and Sandmann, Frank and Funk, Sebastian (2023) Characterising information loss due to aggregating epidemic model outputs. medRxiv . (Submitted)

Straube, Arthur V. and Winkelmann, Stefanie and Höfling, Felix (2023) Accurate reduced models for the pH oscillations in the urea-urease reaction confined to giant lipid vesicles. J. Phys. Chem. B, 127 (13). pp. 2955-2967.


Thies, Arne and Sunkara, Vikram and Ray, Sourav and Wulkow, Hanna and Özgür Celik, M. and Yergöz, Fatih and Schütte, Christof and Stein, Christoph and Weber, Marcus and Winkelmann, Stefanie (2023) Modelling altered signalling of G-protein coupled receptors in inflamed environment to advance drug design. Scientific Reports, 13 (1). pp. 1-12.


Wang, Yuwei and Lian, Bin and Zhang, Haohui and Zhong, Yuanke and He, Jie and Wu, Fashuai and Reinert, Knut and Shang, Xuequn and Yang, Hui and Hu, Jialu and Mathelier, Anthony (2023) A multi-view latent variable model reveals cellular heterogeneity in complex tissues for paired multimodal single-cell data. Bioinformatics, 39 (1). ISSN 1367-4803

Weimann, K. and Conrad, T. O. F. (2023) Federated learning improves performance of ECG classifiers. npj Digital Medicine . (Submitted)

Weimann, K. and Conrad, T. O. F. (2023) Predicting Coma Recovery After Cardiac Arrest With Residual Neural Networks. Computing in Cardiology (CinC) 2023 . (Submitted)


Yang, Wangfei and Templeton, Clark and Rosenberger, David and Bittracher, Andreas and Nüske, Feliks and Noé, Frank and Clementi, Cecilia (2023) Slicing and Dicing: Optimal Coarse-Grained Representation to Preserve Molecular Kinetics. ACS Cent. Sci., 9 (2). pp. 186-196.


Zafferi, Andrea and Huber, Konstantin and Peschka, Dirk and Vrijmoed, Johannes and John, Timm and Thomas, Marita (2023) A porous-media model for reactive fluid-rock interaction in a dehydrating rock. Preprint . pp. 1-22. (Unpublished)

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