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Smit, Matthijs and Vrijmoed, Johannes C. and Scherer, Erik E. and Mezger, Klaus and Kooijman, Ellen and Schmitt-Kielmann, Melanie and Tual, Lorraine and Guilmette, Carl and Ratschbacher, Lothar (2024) Retentiveness of rare earth elements in garnet with implications for garnet Lu-Hf chronology. Journal of Metamorphic Geology .


Kaatz, L. and Schmalholz, Stefan M. and John, T. (2023) Numerical Simulations Reproduce Field Observations Showing Transient Weakening During Shear Zone Formation by Diffusional Hydrogen Influx and H2O Inflow. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 24 (5).

Zafferi, Andrea and Huber, Konstantin and Peschka, Dirk and Vrijmoed, Johannes and John, Timm and Thomas, Marita (2023) A porous-media model for reactive fluid-rock interaction in a dehydrating rock. Preprint . pp. 1-22. (Unpublished)


Zertani, Sascha and John, Timm and Brachmann, Caroline and Vrijmoed, Johannes and Plümper, Oliver (2022) Reactive fluid flow guided by grain-scale equilibrium reactions during eclogitization of dry crustal rocks. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 177 (61).

Ague, Jay J. and Tassara, Santiago and Holycross, Megan E. and Li, Jei-Li and Cottrell, Elizabeth and Schwarzenbach, Esther M. and Fassoulas, Charalampos and John, Timm (2022) Slab-derived devolatilization fluids oxidized by subducted metasedimentary rocks. Nature Geoscience, 15 . pp. 320-326.

Peschka, Dirk and Zafferi, Andrea and Heltai, Luca and Thomas, Marita (2022) Variational Approach to Fluid–Structure Interaction via GENERIC. Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics . ISSN 1437-4358


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Peschka, Dirk and Zafferi, Andrea and Heltai, Luca and Thomas, Marita (2021) Variational approach to fluid-structure interaction via GENERIC. WIAS Preprint . pp. 1-13. (Submitted)

Vrijmoed, Johannes and Podladchikov, Y.Y. (2021) Thermolab: a thermodynamics laboratory for nonlinear transport processes in open systems. Earth and Space Science Open Archive .

Heida, Martin and Thomas, Marita (2021) GENERIC for dissipative solids with bulk-interface interaction. wias preprint . pp. 1-27. ISSN 2198-5855 (Submitted)

Thomas, Marita and Tornquist, Sven (2021) Discrete approximation of dynamic phase-field fracture in visco-elastic materials. Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. Ser. S, 14 . pp. 3865-3924.

Zafferi, Andrea and Peschka, Dirk and Thomas, Marita (2021) GENERIC framework for reactive fluid flows. Preprint (2841). pp. 1-75. ISSN 2198-5855 (Submitted)

Kaatz, Lisa and Zertani, Sascha and Moulas, Evangelos and John, Timm and Labrousse, Loïc and Schmalholz, Stefan M. and Andersen, Torgeir B. (2021) Widening of Hydrous Shear Zones During Incipient Eclogitization of Metastable Dry and Rigid Lower Crust— Holsnøy, Western Norway. Tectonics, 40 (3). pp. 1-19. ISSN 1944-9194


Farshbaf-Shaker, M. Hassan and Thomas, Marita (2020) Analysis of a compressible Stokes-flow with degenerating and singular viscosity. Preprint . pp. 1-45. (Submitted)

Beinlich, A. and John, T. and Vrijmoed, J.C. and Tominaga, M. and Podladchikov, Y.Y. (2020) Instantaneous rock transformations in the deep crust driven by reactive fluid flow. nature geoscience, 13 . pp. 307-311.


Chen, Shuo and Hin, Remco C. and John, Timm and Bryan, Ben and Nui, Yaoling and Elliott, Tim and Brooker, R. (2019) Molybdenum systematics of subducted crust record reactive fluid flow from underlying slab serpentine dehydration. nature communications . pp. 1-9.

Peschka, D. and Thomas, M. and Ahnert, T. and Münch, A. and Wagner, B. (2019) Gradient structures for flows of concentrated suspensions. Topics in Applied Analysis and Optimisation . pp. 295-318.

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