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Nuclear Quantum Effects in Fullerene-Fullerene Aggregation in Water

Panahian Jand, Sara and Nourbakhsh, Zahra and Delle Site, Luigi (2022) Nuclear Quantum Effects in Fullerene-Fullerene Aggregation in Water. Front. Chem., 10 . pp. 1-8.

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Official URL: doi: 10.3389/fchem.2022.1072665


We studied the effects of the quantum delocalization in space of the hydrogen atoms of water in the aggregation process of two fullerene molecules. We considered a case using a purely repulsive water–fullerene interaction, as such a situation has shown that water-mediated effects play a key role in the aggregation process. This study becomes feasible, at a reduced computational price, by combining the path integral (PI) molecular dynamics (MD) method with a recently developed open-system MD technique. Specifically, only the mandatory solvation shell of the two fullerene molecules was considered at full quantum resolution, while the rest of the system was represented as a mean-field macroscopic reservoir of particles and energy. Our results showed that the quantum nature of the hydrogen atoms leads to a sizable difference in the curve of the free energy of aggregation; that is, that nuclear quantum effects play a relevant role.

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