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Planetary geostrophic equations for the atmosphere with evolution of the barotropic flow

Dolaptchiev, S. and Klein, R. (2009) Planetary geostrophic equations for the atmosphere with evolution of the barotropic flow. Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans Volume, 46 (1-4). pp. 46-61.

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Atmospheric phenomena such as the quasi-stationary Rossby waves, teleconnection patterns, ultralong persistent blockings and the polar/subtropical jet are characterized by planetary spatial scales, i.e. scales of the order of the earth’s radius. This motivates our interest in the relevant physical processes acting on the planetary scales. Using an asymptotic approach, we systematically derive reduced model equations valid for atmospheric motions with planetary spatial scales and a temporal scale of the order of about 1 week. We assume variations of the background potential temperature comparable in magnitude with those adopted in the classical quasi-geostrophic theory. At leading order, the resulting equations include the planetary geostrophic balance. In order to apply these equations to the atmosphere, one has to prescribe a closure for the vertically averaged pressure. We present an evolution equation for this component of the pressure which was derived in a systematic way from the asymptotic analysis. Relative to the prognostic closures adopted in existing reduced-complexity planetary models, this new dynamical closure may provide for more realistic increased large-scale, long-time variability in future implementations.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Planetary geostrophic equation; Reduced atmospheric models; EMICs; Planetary scale; Asymptotic models
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