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Foamquake: a novel analog model mimicking megathrust seismic cycles

Mastella, G. and Corbi, Fabio and Funiciello, Francesca and Rosenau, Matthias (2022) Foamquake: a novel analog model mimicking megathrust seismic cycles. JGR Solid Earth . pp. 1-32. (In Press)

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In the last decades, seismotectonic analog models have been developed to better understand many aspects of the seismic cycle. Differently from other lab-quake experiments, seismotectonic models mimic the first order characteristics of the seismic cycle in a scaled fashion. Here we introduce Foamquake: a novel seismotectonic model with a granular frictional interface that as a whole behaves elastoplastically. The model experiences cycles of elastic loading and release via spontaneous nucleation of frictional instabilities at the base of an elastic foam wedge, hereafter called foamquakes. These analog earthquakes show source parameters (i.e., moment-duration and moment-rupture area) scaling as great interplate earthquakes and a coseismic displacement of few tens of meters when scaled to nature. Models with two asperities separated by a barrier can be performed with Foamquake given the 3D nature of the setup. Such model configuration generates sequences of full and partial ruptures with different recurrence intervals as well as rupture cascades. By tuning the normal load acting on individual asperities, Foamquake reproduces superimposed cycles rupture patterns such as those observed along natural megathrusts. The physical properties of asperities and barriers affect model seismic behavior. Asperities with similar properties and low yield strength fail preferentially in a simultaneous manner. The combination of all those characteristics suggests that Foamquake is a valuable tool for investigating megathrust seismicity and seismic processes that depend on the 3D nature of the subduction environment.

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