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Effect of the Hydration Shell on the Carbonyl Vibration in the Ala-Leu-Ala-Leu Peptide

Hassan, Irtaza and Ferraro, Federica and Imhof, Petra (2021) Effect of the Hydration Shell on the Carbonyl Vibration in the Ala-Leu-Ala-Leu Peptide. Molecules 2021, 26 (8). pp. 1-24.

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Official URL: 10.3390/molecules26082148


Abstract The vibrational spectrum of the Ala-Leu-Ala-Leu peptide in solution, computed from first-principles simulations, shows a prominent band in the amide I region that is assigned to stretching of carbonyl groups. Close inspection reveals combined but slightly different contributions by the three carbonyl groups of the peptide. The shift in their exact vibrational signature is in agreement with the different probabilities of these groups to form hydrogen bonds with the solvent. The central carbonyl group has a hydrogen bond probability intermediate to the other two groups due to interchanges between different hydrogen-bonded states. Analysis of the interaction energies of individual water molecules with that group shows that shifts in its frequency are directly related to the interactions with the water molecules in the first hydration shell. The interaction strength is well correlated with the hydrogen bond distance and hydrogen bond angle, though there is no perfect match, allowing geometrical criteria for hydrogen bonds to be used as long as the sampling is sufficient to consider averages. The hydrogen bond state of a carbonyl group can therefore serve as an indicator of the solvent’s effect on the vibrational frequency.

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