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Estimation of the Koopman generator by Newton’s extrapolation

Sechi, Renata and Sikorski, Alexander and Weber, Marcus (2021) Estimation of the Koopman generator by Newton’s extrapolation. SIAM Multiscale Modeling & Simulation, 19 (2). pp. 758-774. ISSN print: 1540-3459; online: 1540-3467

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This article addresses the problem of estimating the Koopman generator of a Markov process. The direct computation of the infinitesimal generator is not easy because of the discretization of the state space, in particular because of the trade-off inherent in the choice of the best lag time to study the process. Short lag times implies a strong discretization of the state space and a consequent loss of Markovianity. Large lag times bypass events on fast timescales. We propose a method to approximate the generator with the computation of the Newton polynomial extrapolation. This technique is a multistep approach which uses as its input Koopman transfer operators evaluated for a series of lag times. Thus, the estimated infinitesimal generator combines information from different time resolutions and does not bias only fast- or slow-decaying dynamics. We show that the multi-scale Newton method can improve the estimation of the generator in comparison to the computation using finite difference or matrix logarithm methods. Read More:

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