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EDP-convergence for a linear reaction-diffusion system with fast reversible reaction

Stephan, Artur (2021) EDP-convergence for a linear reaction-diffusion system with fast reversible reaction. Calculus of Variations, 60 (226). pp. 1-35.

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We perform a fast-reaction limit for a linear reaction-diffusion system consisting of two diffusion equations coupled by a linear reaction.We understand the linear reaction-diffusion system as a gradient flow of the free energy in the space of probability measures equipped with a geometric structure, which contains the Wasserstein metric for the diffusion part and cosh-type functions for the reaction part. The fast-reaction limit is done on the level of the gradient structure by proving EDP-convergence with tilting. The limit gradient system induces a diffusion system with Lagrange multipliers on the linear slow-manifold.Moreover, the limit gradient system can be equivalently described by a coarse-grained gradient system, which induces a diffusion equation with a mixed diffusion constant for the coarse-grained slow variable.

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