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Stochastic Dynamics in Computational Biology

Winkelmann, Stefanie and Schütte, Christof Stochastic Dynamics in Computational Biology. Springer.

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The aim of this book is to provide a well-structured and coherent overview of existing mathematical modeling approaches for biochemical reaction systems, investigating relations between both the conventional models and several types of deterministic-stochastic hybrid model recombinations. Another main objective is to illustrate and compare diverse numerical simulation schemes and their computational effort. Unlike related works, this book presents a broad scope in its applications, from offering a detailed introduction to hybrid approaches for the case of multiple population scales to discussing the setting of time-scale separation resulting from widely varying firing rates of reaction channels. Additionally, it also addresses modeling approaches for non well-mixed reaction-diffusion dynamics, including deterministic and stochastic PDEs and spatiotemporal master equations. Finally, by translating and incorporating complex theory to a level accessible to non-mathematicians, this book effectively bridges the gap between mathematical research in computational biology and its practical use in biological, biochemical, and biomedical systems.

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