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Particle–Continuum Coupling and its Scaling Regimes: Theory and Applications

Delle Site, Luigi and Praprotnik, Matej and Bell, John B. and Klein, Rupert (2020) Particle–Continuum Coupling and its Scaling Regimes: Theory and Applications. Advanced Theory and Simulation, 3, 1900232 (2020), 3 (190023). pp. 1-20.

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This work is motivated by the goal of designing simulation software for technical devices that, at their functional core, rely on atomistic‐scale processes embedded in a larger‐scale fluid environment. The core of the problem is the conceptual and technical approach for coupling particle and continuum representations of a fluid. The state of the art for key aspects including physical modeling, mathematical formalization, computational implementation, and applications, is discussed and organized in a consistent picture across the relevant physical regimes.

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