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Approaches to Obtaining Fluorinated α-Amino Acids

Moschner, Johann and Stulberg, Valentina and Fernandes, Rita and Huhmann, Susanne and Leppkes, Jakob and Koksch, Beate (2019) Approaches to Obtaining Fluorinated α-Amino Acids. Chem. Rev. 2019, 119 (18). pp. 10718-10801.

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Fluorine does not belong to the pool of chemical elements that nature uses to build organic matter. However, chemists have exploited the unique properties of fluorine and produced countless fluoro-organic compounds without which our everyday lives would be unimaginable. The incorporation of fluorine into amino acids established a completely new class of amino acids and their properties, and those of the biopolymers constructed from them are extremely interesting. Increasing interest in this class of amino acids caused the demand for robust and stereoselective synthetic protocols that enable straightforward access to these building blocks. Herein, we present a comprehensive account of the literature in this field going back to 1995. We place special emphasis on a particular fluorination strategy. The four main sections describe fluorinated versions of alkyl, cyclic, aromatic amino acids, and also nickel-complexes to access them. We progress by one carbon unit increments. Special cases of amino acids for which there is no natural counterpart are described at the end of each section. Synthetic access to each of the amino acids is summarized in form of a table at the end of this article with the aim to make the information easily accessible to the reader.

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