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The interface for functions in the dune-functions module

Engwer, C. and Gräser, C. and Müthing, S. and Sander, O. (2017) The interface for functions in the dune-functions module. Archive of Numerical Software, 5 (1). pp. 95-110. ISSN 2197-8263


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The dune-functions dune module introduces a new programmer interface for discrete and non-discrete functions. Unlike the previous interfaces considered in the existing dune modules, it is based on overloading operator(), and returning values by-value. This makes user code much more readable, and allows the incorporation of newer C++ features such as lambda expressions. Run-time polymorphism is implemented not by inheritance, but by type erasure, generalizing the ideas of the std::function class from the C++11 standard library. We describe the new interface, show its possibilities, and measure the performance impact of type erasure and return-by-value.

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