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Subgrid-Scale Dynamics of Water Vapour, Heat, and Momentum over a Lake

Vercauteren, N. and Bou-Zeid, E. and Parlange, M. B. and Lemmin, U. and Huwald, H. and Selker, J. S. and Meneveau, C. (2008) Subgrid-Scale Dynamics of Water Vapour, Heat, and Momentum over a Lake. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 128 (2). pp. 205-228. ISSN Print: 0006-8314 Online: 1573-1472

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We examine the dynamics of turbulence subgrid (or sub-filter) scales over a lake surface and the implications for large-eddy simulations (LES) of the atmospheric boundary layer. The analysis is based on measurements obtained during the Lake-Atmosphere Turbulent EXchange (LATEX) field campaign (August–October, 2006) over Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Wind velocity, temperature and humidity profiles were measured at 20 Hz using a vertical array of four sonic anemometers and open-path gas analyzers. The results indicate that the observed subgrid-scale statistics are very similar to those observed over land surfaces, suggesting that the effect of the lake waves on surface-layer turbulence during LATEX is small. The measurements allowed, for the first time, the study of subgrid-scale turbulent transport of water vapour, which is found to be well correlated with the transport of heat, suggesting that the subgrid-scale modelling of the two scalars may be coupled to save computational resources during LES.

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