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Investigation of autoignition under thermal stratification using linear eddy modeling

Oevermann, M. and Schmidt, H. and Kerstein, A.R. (2008) Investigation of autoignition under thermal stratification using linear eddy modeling. Combustion and Flame Volume, 155 (3). 370-379 .

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The influence of thermal stratification on autoignition at constant volume and high pressure is investigated under turbulent conditions using the one-dimensional linear eddy model (LEM) and detailed hydrogen/air chemistry. Results are presented for the influence of initial temperature inhomogeneities on the heat release rate and the relative importance of diffusion and chemical reactions. The predicted heat release rates are compared with heat release rates of recent published studies obtained by two-dimensional direct numerical simulations (DNS). Using the definition of Chen et al. [Combust. Flame 145 (2006) 145–159] for the displacement speed of the H2 mass fraction tracked at the location of maximum heat release, and a comparison of budget terms, different combustion modes including ignition-front propagation and deflagration waves are identified and the results are compared to the DNS data. The LEM approach shows qualitatively and quantitatively reasonable agreement with the DNS data over the whole range of investigated temperature fluctuations. The results presented in this work suggest that LEM is a potential candidate as a submodel for CFD calculations of HCCI engines.

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