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A Scale-selective Multilevel Method for Long-Wave Linear Acoustics

Vater, S. and Klein, R. and Knio, O.M. (2011) A Scale-selective Multilevel Method for Long-Wave Linear Acoustics. Acta Geophysica, 59 (6). pp. 1076-1108.



A new method for the numerical integration of the equations for one-dimensional linear acoustics with large time steps is presented. While it is capable of computing the "slaved" dynamics of short-wave solution components induced by slow forcing, it eliminates freely propagating compressible short-wave modes, which are under-resolved in time. Scale-wise decomposition of the data based on geometric multigrid ideas enables a scale-dependent blending of time integrators with different principal features. To guide the selection of these integrators, the discrete-dispersion relations of some standard second-order schemes are analyzed, and their response to high wave number low frequency source terms are discussed. The performance of the new method is illustrated on a test case with "multiscale" initial data and a problem with a slowly varying high wave number source term.

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