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Paul, F. and Wehmeyer, C. and Abualrous, E. T. and Wu, H. and Crabtree, M. D. and Schöneberg, J. and Clarke, J. and Freund, C. and Weikl, T. and Noé, F. (2017) Protein-peptide association kinetics beyond the seconds timescale from atomistic simulations. Nat. Comm., 8 (1095).

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Ullrich, A. and Böhme, M. A. and Schöneberg, J. and Depner, H. and Sigrist, S. J. and Noé, F. (2015) Dynamical organization of Syntaxin-1A at the presynaptic active zone. PLoS Comput. Biol., 11 . e1004407.

Gunkel, M. and Schöneberg, J. and Alkhaldi, W. and Irsen, S. and Noé, F. and Kaupp, U. B. and Al-Amoudi, A. (2015) Higher-order architecture of rhodopsin in intact photoreceptors and its implication for phototransduction kinetics. Structure, 23 . pp. 628-638.

Biedermann, J. and Ullrich, A. and Schöneberg, J. and Noé, F. (2015) ReaDDyMM: fast interacting-particle reaction-diffusion simulations using graphical processing units. Biophys. J., 108 . pp. 457-461. ISSN 00063495


Schöneberg, J. and Heck, M. and Hofmann, K. P. and Noé, F. (2014) Explicit Spatio-temporal Simulation of Receptor-G Protein Coupling in Rod Cell Disk Membranes. Biophys. J., 107 . pp. 1042-1053. ISSN 00063495

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