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Rentsch, Jakob and Bandstra, Selle and Sezen, Batuhan and Sigrist, Philipp Stephan and Bottanelli, Francesca and Schmerl, Bettina and Shoichet, Sarah and Noé, Frank and Sadeghi, Mohsen and Ewers, Helge (2024) Sub-membrane actin rings compartmentalize the plasma membrane. Journal of Cell Biology (JCB), 223 (4). (In Press)

Jong-Bolm, Daniëlle de and Sadeghi, Mohsen and Bogaciu, Cristian A. and Bao, Guobin and Klaehn, Gabriele and Hoff, Merle and Mittelmeier, Lucas and Basmanav, F. Buket and Noé, Frank and Rizzoli, Silvio O. (2023) Protein nanobarcodes enable single-step multiplexed fluorescence imaging. PLOS BIOLOGY, 21 (12).

Bogdanow, Boris and Gruska, Iris and Mühlberg, Lars and Protze, Jonas and Hohensee, Svea and Vetter, Barbara and Bosse, Jens B. and Lehmann, Martin and Sadeghi, Mohsen and Wiebusch, Lüder and Liu, Fan (2023) Spatially resolved protein map of intact human cytomegalovirus virions. Nature Microbiology, 8 . pp. 1732-1747.

Dyhr, Michael C. A. and Sadeghi, Mohsen and Moynova, Ralista and Knappe, Carolin and Burcu Kepsutlu, Çakmak and Werner, Stephan and Schneider, Gerd and McNally, James and Noé, Frank and Ewers, Helge (2023) 3D surface reconstruction of cellular cryo-soft X-ray microscopy tomograms using semisupervised deep learning. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 120 (24).

Sadeghi, Mohsen (2022) Investigating the entropic nature of membrane-mediated interactions driving the aggregation of peripheral proteins. Soft Matter (18). pp. 3917-3927.

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Sadeghi, Mohsen and Noé, Frank (2021) Hydrodynamic coupling for particle-based solvent-free membrane models. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 155 (11).

Sadeghi, Mohsen and Noé, Frank (2020) Large-scale simulation of biomembranes incorporating realistic kinetics into coarse-grained models. Nature Communications, 11 (2951).

Galama, Maaike M. and Wu, Hao and Krämer, Andreas and Sadeghi, Mohsen and Noé, Frank (0001) Stochastic Approximation to MBAR and TRAM: Batchwise Free Energy Estimation. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (JCTC), 19 (3). pp. 758-766.

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