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Meerbach, E. and Latorre, J.C. and Schütte, Ch. (2012) Sequential Change Point Detection in Molecular Dynamics Trajectories. Multicale Model. Sim., 10 (4). pp. 1263-1291.

Schütte, Ch. and Noé, F. and Meerbach, E. and Metzner, Ph. and Hartmann, C. (2009) Conformation Dynamics. Proceedings of the 6th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, I. Jeltsch and G. Wanner (eds.), . pp. 297-335.

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Meerbach, E. and Schütte, Ch. and Fischer, A. (2005) Eigenvalue Bounds on Restrictions of Reversible Nearly Uncoupled Markov Chains. Lin. Alg. Appl., 398 . pp. 141-160.

Preis, R. and Dellnitz, M. and Hessel, M. and Schütte, Ch. and Meerbach, E. (2004) Dominant Paths Between Almost Invariant Sets of Dynamical Systems. preprint .

Book Section

Meerbach, E. and Schütte, Ch. and Horenko, I. and Schmidt, B. (2007) Metastable Conformational Structure and Dynamics: Peptides between Gas Phase and Aqueous Solution. In: Analysis and Control of Ultrafast Photoinduced Reactions. Series in Chemical Physics, 87 . Springer, Berlin, pp. 796-806.

Conference or Workshop Item

Held, M. and Meerbach, E. and Hinderlich, S. and Reutter, W. and Schütte, Ch. (2007) Conformational Studies of UDP-GlcNAc in Environments of Increasing Complexity. In: From Computational Biophysics to Systems Biology.

Meerbach, E. and Dittmer, E. and Horenko, I. and Schütte, Ch. (2006) Multiscale Modelling in Molecular Dynamics: Biomolecular Conformations as Metastable States. In: Computer Simulations in Condensed Matter: Systems: From Materials to Chemical Biology. Volume I.

Schütte, Ch. and Forster, R. and Meerbach, E. and Fischer, A. (2005) Uncoupling-Coupling Techniques for Metastable Dynamical Systems. In: Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering.


Meerbach, E. (2009) Off- and Online Detection of Dynamical Phases in Time Series. PhD thesis, Free University of Berlin.

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