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Two-sided Bogoliubov inequality for quantum systems.

Reible, Benedikt and Hartmann, Carsten and Delle Site, Luigi (2021) Two-sided Bogoliubov inequality for quantum systems. arXiv . pp. 1-15.

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Abstract: We generalise the two-sided Bogoliubov inequality for classical particles from [L. Delle Site et al., J. Stat. Mech. Th. Exp. 083201 (2017)] to systems of quantum particles. As in the classical set-up, the inequality leads to upper and lower bounds for the free energy difference associated with the partitioning of a large system into smaller, independent subsystems. From a thermodynamic modelling point of view, the free energy difference determines the finite size correction needed to consistently treat a small system as a representation of a large system. Applications of the bounds to quantify finite size effects are ubiquitous in physics, chemistry, material science, or biology, to name just a few; in particular it is relevant for molecular dynamics simulations in which a small portion of a system is usually taken as representative of the idealized large system.

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