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From large deviations to transport semidistances: coherence analysis for finite Lagrangian data

Koltai, P. and Renger, M. (2017) From large deviations to transport semidistances: coherence analysis for finite Lagrangian data. SFB 1114 Preprint in arXiv:1709.02352 . pp. 1-34. (Unpublished)


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One way to analyze complicated non-autonomous flows is through trying to understand their transport behavior. In a quantitative, set-oriented approach to transport, finite time coherent sets play an important role. These are time-parametrized families of sets with unlikely transport to and from their surroundings under small or vanishing random perturbations of the dynamics. Here we propose, as a measure of transport, (semi)distances that arise under vanishing perturbations in the sense of large deviations. Analogously, for given finite Lagrangian trajectory data we derive a discrete-time and space semidistance that comes from the "best" approximation of the randomly perturbed process conditioned on this limited information on the deterministic flow. It can be computed as shortest path in a graph with time-dependent weights. Furthermore, we argue that coherent sets are regions of maximal farness in terms of transport, hence they occur as extremal regions on a spanning structure of the state space under this semidistance - in fact, under any distance measure arising from the physical notion of transport. Based on this notion we develop a tool to analyze the state space (or the finite trajectory data at hand) and identify coherent regions. We validate our approach on idealized prototypical examples and well-studied standard cases.

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