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Development of a SNP-Assay for varroa tolerance in the honey bee.

Spötter, Andreas and Gupta, Pooja and Reinsch , Norbert and Zautke, F. and Bienefeld, Kaspar (2010) Development of a SNP-Assay for varroa tolerance in the honey bee. Apidologie, 41 (6). p. 685. ISSN 0044-8435 (Print) 1297-9678 (Online)

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For a long time, the ectoparasitic mite Varroa destructor has posed one of the biggest threats for the honey bee worldwide. It reproduces in capped brood cells and feeds on the haemolymph of pupae. A naturally occurring but rare behaviour of honey bees against Varroa is the uncapping of infested brood cells and the removal of the contained larvae. In this way, mite reproduction is prevented. The aim of this project is to identify genetic markers in the genome of the honey bee that are associated with the trait “removal of varroa-infested brood”. Using Next Generation Sequencing of DNA-pools of trait-bearers and controls, 28000 genetic markers (single nucleotide polymorphisms; SNPs), taken from a list of the Honey Bee Genome Project, were identified that are associated with the investigated trait. These SNPs are an ideal system for the following investigations and they will be used for the construction of a SNP-Chip. The high-throughput screening of SNP-chips with genomc DNA from honey bees should enable the detection of genes influencing the varroa specific defense behaviour. These genes, and the behavioural differences they effect, should be elucidated by molecular genetic methods. The results of this project – with the inclusion of beekeeping practice – will be used to improve the breeding of varroa-tolerant honey bees.

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