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Photostabilization of ultracold Rb2 molecules by optimal control

Schäfer-Bung, B. and Mitrić, R. and Bonačić-Koutecký, V. (2006) Photostabilization of ultracold Rb2 molecules by optimal control. J. Phys. B, 39 (19). S1043-S1053.

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We present a theoretical study of the photostabilization of the ultracold Rb2 molecule by tailored laser fields. The simulations involve the ground and two excited electronic states, taking into account spin–orbit coupling, and are based on the full quantum mechanical optimal control theory. We demonstrate starting from a highly excited bound vibrational state that almost 100% population of the ground state v = 0 vibrational level can be achieved. The obtained optimal pulse has a long temporal and very broad spectral range. Our results reveal the mechanism of the photostabilization process and allow the proposal of new strategies for the formation of ultracold molecules taking into account the necessary constraints for possible experimental realization.

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